Dian Jones

Works very quickly. No noticeable taste when put in juice.

Zella Gladys

I came across this product by accident, and now I am relieved that I did as I have suffered with...

Raquel Maccallum

Helped my levels go from 9 to 44 in 6 weeks!

Sally Lira

I have been looking for an iron supplement for a very long time and have tried most of vitamins available...

Franky Still

Fast acting, slight anaemia gone. No side affects either. 5 stars are well deserved.

Anna Chambers

This zinc is amazing! A family member recommended it to me when I had a cold. Within less than 24...

Gregory Rogers

Loved these so much that I bought a year’s supply!

Shelli Davis

Bought it for my son who can’t swallow tablets or capsules. Just put it in his juice and down it...

Gilliano Smith

I suffer with excruciating muscle spasm and nerve compression in he muscles of my neck, elbows and thighs, carves and...

Tanya Bussau

Love this product. Makes me look and feel healthy. I look glowing and feel energetic