Anna Chambers

This zinc is amazing! A family member recommended it to me when I had a cold. Within less than 24 hours my cold symptoms had dissipated and within 3 days I felt amazing. It was an added bonus that my skin cleared up for the first time in years. My pores shrank, my chin acne cleared up and I was glowing. I ran out of this and the spots are back, so I’m away to order my second bottle. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my hair and nails too.

You can definitely taste the zinc in it, but it’s a taste that you get used too. It’s a sort of fizzy/metallic taste but it doesn’t last and its not too strong. Its also super easy to use, all you have to do is add 3 droppers to your morning water.

I’d say that this is definitely worth the money! It’s actually saving me money on expensive skincare products too as my skin is clearing up with this alone.

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