Gilliano Smith

I suffer with excruciating muscle spasm and nerve compression in he muscles of my neck, elbows and thighs, carves and feet. This is a truly an amazing product. It has significantly improved my condition and eased my pain and the sensory problems I suffer in my arms and hands and legs and feet. I have tried a number of vitamins and mineral supplements over the years but none of them have had any benefits at all. In fact they have upset my stomach and made me feel very unwell. when taking this product I have had no adverse effects on my stomach and I feel totally well after taking the mineral supplement. I don’t usually write reviews on any of the product I buy. As a result of my good experience of using this product I felt strongly that I should write one on life style mineral liquid supplement as it has significantly improved condition and the quality of my life. I can therefore thoroughly recommend this product to anyone who experience a similar condition to myself.

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