Zella Gladys

I came across this product by accident, and now I am relieved that I did as I have suffered with anaemia for most of my life. Anaemia brings with it many other symptoms, not excluding chronic fatigue, skin issues and even strange palpitations. However, this product has tackled my anaemia and for the first time in years, my haemoglobin levels are just below normal!!!
This product is natural as it’s made from clay occurring naturally in the soil, and although quite pricey it can as stated stabilise this chronic condition in a week. You simply take 2.5 droppers of the red iron in a clear drink for about 5 times a week. It hardly has any taste, so this is easy to take in comparison to other iron supplements and tablets.
I HATE taking tablets and even more so, tasting horrid substances which linger in the mouth for ages.
This is GREAT, and it’s natural which as I have come to realise over time, natural substances work better with our architecture, rather than chemically created compounds. Suitable for kids too 🙂

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